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health status transparency 

CBOH ("SEE-boh") empowers users to control their digital health identity

Limited Availability: 2021 Partnership Program

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89% of guests want to know the health statuses of everyone at your event.

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Securely store COVID vaccination card information in our HIPAA compliant databases.


Easily share vaccination status with those you choose.


Brought to you by our team at Harvard, Stanford, and MIT.


Friends Party


CBOH’s Clarify offering is a standalone application that streamlines vaccination management, allowing hosts to create events, invite guests, and manage proof of attendees’ vaccination or testing status.


Attendees can upload and store their CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card and testing results to attend social gatherings - so we can get back to sharing life with clarity and peace of mind.

At the Bakery


 CBOH’s Empower offering is a data dashboard that equips hosts and guests with health information.


Providing guests with information about the event environment empowers them to make informed decisions about attending, enabling a relaxed and enjoyable experience that may have otherwise caused anxiety or fear.

A Date in the Forest


CBOH’s Liberate offering closes the loop of the guest experience.


Post-event, CBOH messages all attendees to assess for symptoms or recent COVID testing, aggregates responses, and anonymously notifies attendees if a guest is symptomatic or positive. CBOH also provides the latest exposure guidance from federal and local authorities and maintains strict confidentiality and privacy standards.

No super-spreader here!


21+ Days Pre Event: Invitation to Share Vaccination Status

14 Days: Reminder One

7 Days: Reminder Two

3 Days: 72 Hour Notification for Testing Window


Last Reminder + List Sent to Event Manager of Attendees' Status

Data Dashboard Finalized and Shared


7 Days - Symptom Questionnaire Sent

Immediate, anonymous notification to attendees if case or symptoms confirmed. Latest CDC and State exposure guidelines provided.

14 Days - Notification if All Clear!

Don't totally love the idea of a robot talking to your guests?
CBOH's communication templates can be customized to capture your voice. 
Outdoor Dinner Party

About Us

CBOH (“SEE-boh”) is a digital health platform incubated at Harvard and MIT that enables communities to gather safely. 


Different from vaccination passports, tedious spreadsheets, or painstaking email accumulation, CBOH allows you to seamlessly organize essential health statuses, empower attendees with information clarity, and keep everyone informed of health security after sharing space.


CBOH offers a suite of functions depending on the needs for your gathering. You can choose to use all of our services to maximize guest safety and experience or you can select each offering a la carte.


We'd love to hear from you. Please send your resume, LinkedIn, or portfolio to or reach out here.

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